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1 Couple | 1 Cookbook: Mission Italian – Introduction

This experiment, of sorts, is something my husband, Stephan came up with as an activity for the two of us to do to reconnect and make better use of our time together, all while learning to cook. Well, him learning to cook, and me expanding my skills. Between our love for food, my love of the movie Julie and Julia, and my passion for blogging/YouTube the plan has easily come together. Our goal is to make at least one recipe from the book per week, when Stephan is home. I will take pictures, blog about it, and we will do an honest taste test reaction on camera for all to see. As much as us Americans love Italian food, like pasta and pizza, there are many foods Italians eat regularly that we do not. It will give us a chance to expand our pallets and try something we usually don’t eat, or have never even thought of eating. Some recipes we may love, some we may not, but that will be the best part. The eating, laughing, sharing our experience, and most of all doing it together is what we are looking forward to the most. Please follow along with us on this journey through Italian cuisine, and possibly, if we complete the task at hand we will take on another type of cuisine! Who knows what the future holds, but we are excited to see. Let’s get cooking and eating! 

The Book: As the Romans Do by Eleonora Galasso