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As fall is in full swing now I am wearing lots of orange, plaid and boots. I know, groundbreaking! 😉 The combination of the three, or each separately are the best foundation for a fool-proof fall outfit. On most days I dress pretty casual for the office, but I don’t think wearing a basic t-shirt and jeans is appropriate office attire. If I don’t wear a dress or slacks I usually wear dark wash jeans with no kind of distressing or rips. I like to pair the jeans with a blazer and heals if I can, or nice flat boots. I feel like this is still professional enough if a client stops by, but comfortable.

Casual Plaid for the Office - she sees beauty Casual Plaid for the Office - she sees beauty Casual Plaid for the Office - she sees beauty

I have a long torso, kind of short legs, and very small hips so I spent years trying to figure out what cut of jeans make my legs look long, and my hips a bit more curvy. These jeans from Ann Taylor are perfect! I can only wear boot cut jeans when I wear heals, but jeans and at least a 3 inch heal elongate my legs and make me look more proportionate. The mid-rise, and high sewn back pockets on these jeans make my back side and hips look more curvy, which I what I want.

Casual Plaid for the Office - she sees beautyCasual Plaid for the Office - she sees beauty

I love braiding the front portion of my hair to keep it out of my face. When I am working on documents and looking down a lot this hair style is perfect for pulling it back, but is still mostly down and helps to keep me warm in the cooler weather. Casual Plaid for the Office - she sees beauty

Blazer – Gap *old* (Similar here)

Plaid Shirt – Old Navy Boyfriend Flannel in Orange Blaze

Pants – Ann Taylor Factory Curvy Slim Jeans (Similar here)

Purse – Charming Charlie Medium Square Lock Satchel in Adobe

Thank you for reading!

XOXO, Bri!

*Thank you for taking the photos, Teilor Burnett*

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