In my life it’s food first, then family, and then fashion… Okay, well maybe not food before family, but you understand its importance to me. I have gone back and forth debating wether fashion is something that I should enjoy so much or focus on, but I absolutely love fashion and I always have. I think it’s just another creative outlet for me, and it is something I have total control over. Personal style does not define you, but it is how some people like to show their personality. Some people love loud colors, and some prefer to be perfectly put together and tailored. Some like to look grungy, and some people are very simple. I don’t have the same style as everyone else, and not everyone likes the clothes I do. I feel like there is room in this “blogosphere” for one more fashion blogger so I am going to keep on moving forward. I have been telling myself I want to take better blog photos and really amp up my fashion content, so hopefully starting in the next couple of weeks things will start to transition to something a little more professional. I have to say I am SO excited!

This is a pretty standard casual outfit for me. I have a crazy obsession with light weight jackets that cinch in or tie at the waist. It helps to create shape where I don’t have much, and they are comfortable. Simple strait leg blue jeans are a staple for me as well.

I got these Puma sneakers over a year ago, but I love them! I have another pair in the same exact style, but white and black not grey and black. The thing I love most about Puma sneakers is they are very well designed so they look stylish, and not like you are wearing walking shoes.

White V-Neck – Merona

Jeans – Ann Taylor *old*

Sneakers – Puma *old* Similar here

Drape Jacket – Max Jeans (Got it from Marshal’s)

Ear Rings – Vintage

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