Hello All,

Now, here’s a big question that I have tried to find the answer to for so long.

How do you become a successful blogger without going into debt or losing who you are?

I absolutely love the blogging world and some of my favorite bloggers are Victoria from In The Frow, Julia Engel from Gal Meets Glam, and Megan Ellaby from her self-titled blog I found Victoria on Youtube around 2014, I found Julia from Googling bloggers shortly after, and I most recently found Megan on YouTube as well! The thing I have found is if I like Victoria’s ensemble or Julia’s outfit in a post I click the link to find out where it’s from or how much it costs, and 90% of the time it’s designer, high end, or just way over my price range (i.e. paying $200 for a poly shirt, or $500 for a pair of wedges). As for Megan’s style, which is not really my own all together, I absolutely love some of the individual pieces she features. She buys a lot of “high-street” clothing (i.e. TopShop, H&M, ASOS, etc.) which is a great price point to start at, however the quantity of which she adds to her wardrobe adds up so quickly that it is still too overwhelming for my pocketbook.

I would love to post 3-5 times per week because I know consistency is key to growing your audience, but at that rate I would have to be buying clothes daily and shelling out money left and right. Let’s be honest. I work very hard and make money, but I don’t make that kind of money. A couple of ways to make money blogging include allowing ads on your page in the side bar or footer, or paid partnerships, as well as many others. I do not have ads on my blog for a reason. I do understand it may bring in some minimal revenue, but I don’t like the way it looks. It looks too busy on the pages and I wouldn’t have control over what exactly is being advertised for sale. I also don’t have any #ad posts on my blog thus far either, because in the eyes of the blogging community I am a newbie. I don’t have companies jumping at the chance to work with me, but I get it! I have less than 200 followers on Instagram and maybe 5 visitors to my blog in a month, none of which ever comment on a single post. I am not popular or well-known online and I would not effectively advertise their product. At the end of the day I am not making any money from my blog, so the money for new fashion pieces comes strait out of my pocket from my “day job” earnings. Everybody has a hobby (in my case I have many), but there is a point where the average person can’t afford every hobby or lifestyle they like. So that leaves me here…

There are so many people online who have full blown designer wardrobes and all I can think is they must either be in extreme debt, or have a bad ass job that pays incredibly well – in that case, what do you do because I want your job. 😉 Living within my means is important to me and I want to have some savings when I get older, or at the very least not be living on the edge of financially sound, and oh shit I can’t afford food. That isn’t funny! I’m mean when I’m hungry. There are so many bloggers/YouTubers that will buy a bunch of new stuff, then say, “Oops, my bank account won’t like that…” or “I don’t have a shopping problem… haha, oh well, I guess I do!” Uh, no. I don’t like debt, and I want to be debt free and own a house outright (big dreams I know) one day.

I guess my ultimate goal is to consistently post on my blog, but not sacrifice the quality of my content or character to do so. My answer to this question is that this blogging hobby of mine will just have to grow slowly. Of course, it’s slower than I’d like because I am impatient AF, but you have to stick to who you are. I believe you will eventually attract people based on your individuality and uniqueness. Nobody else can do you boo boo… haha! I just have to stick to my cliche “quality over quantity” mantra. It is who I am and what I believe in. If you are reading this, thank you! If you don’t comment or come back it’s fine, but I hope you know that I am being 100% me. I have made a deal with myself to work hard to grow my blog organically, and make sure I don’t turn into someone who blows a ton of money that I don’t actually have on shit I don’t really need. It’s for fun! Blogging should be fun, and for me being in debt or trying to be someone else it NOT fun.

I have struggled to come to terms with this, but I’m at the point where I won’t jump at the chance to work with just any company on a promotion, just for notoriety or a paycheck. It has to fit my style, my philosophy and it has to feel right. I have and always will stick to being me.

Outfit Details: 

Gingham Jumpsuit – Forever 21 (another style gingham jumpsuit here)
Converse – Chuck Taylor All Star Low Tops – here
Ray Ban – New Wayfarer Classic – here

Thank you so much for reading!


All photos by Christine Hanks | Instagram @callme_christine