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The Revamp of a Guest Bedroom (Stage 1)

I have been decorating my living spaces and calling the shots on paint colors since I was a kid. I mean literally a kid, around 10 or so. I first convinced my dad to paint my bathroom lime green with a flower wallpaper border, even though he detests wall paper (as do I now), but he did it anyway. Then, I became obsessed with the movie Blue Crush when I was 11 or 12 and I decided I wanted a water blue bedroom with light wood tones, beachy decor and silver hardware accents. Who knows what I was thinking, but at the time it was amazing! When I got into high school I decided to take my room in a more adult direction and painted my room a dark tan color and accented it with 2 large black IKEA wardrobes, and red and black accents.

After moving out at 19 and not being allowed to paint my apartment spaces I started to experiment with different furniture styles to give my living space character. Of course most of the pieces were IKEA due to the price point, but IKEA has some amazing stuff I still have in my home today. Two leaning mirrors and a glass desk top to be exact.

As a kid I always tried to convince my parents to let me help them decorate their home, but to no avail. My parents both have strong, and differing, opinions about the decor in their home so nothing ever got changed nearly the whole time I lived there. I am now, 24, married, decorated 5 different places of my own and am a Realtor® in Alameda, CA and they have FINALLY let me dive in and help them change some things up. To say I am excited would be a gross understatement!

This is the first of many projects I will be doing at my parents house, and I am starting with the guest room that my husband and I stay in when we visit. This post includes the before photos so you can get a feel for the room before, and some paint swatches we have started with. As you will see the room is now a 2 toned blue color which is beautiful, but not quite what I am going for. I will be painting the room a subtle, light grey or “greige,” refacing the shelves for a more modern, built in look, and painting them a crisp white. My plan for the room is to lighten up the paint, remove some clutter and change out the outdated brass head/footboard with a padded headboard to give the bed a even more cozy feeling.

Please stay tuned if you’d like to see the before, during and after projects, as well as some how-to videos with a contractor, who is also my father/owner of Avery Construction in Woodland, CA.

Here we go, the before…





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