Maple Holistics Shampoo Review


So, this is a bit of an exciting post! I was contacted by Maple Holistics in the middle of September and they offered me a free bottle of their tea tree shampoo in exchange for a review. I had to buy the conditioner myself, because I didn’t feel that doing a review on the shampoo while using another brand of conditioner was a fair judgement of the product itself. I was actually really interested in trying their product when I found out that they are a natural beauty and skincare company, made in the U.S.A. and cruelty free. I am all for using more natural hair products, but I am not willing to sacrifice the health and strength of my hair. I tried an organic shampoo & conditioner from Sally Beauty around age 19/20 and my hair got so damaged. I have just found over the years that natural products don’t moisturize, protect or keep my hair as healthy as higher-end salon products however, this was my opportunity to try something new!

As this is my first review on SSB I have decided to keep the format of my reviews simple. I am not a huge reader and I much prefer photos and specifics as opposed to long winded explanations, so this review and future reviews will include the following:

The reason why I chose to review a product/item
Any details about me that pertain to the use of the product/item
My opinion of the product/item itself
A timeframe and the results
Detailed photos
My final thoughts, opinion, and a yes or no to the product/item

This is what I think…

First, my hair type is:
Fine, but I have a lot of it
Dry from highlighting and heat styling
Itchy scalp
Minor dandruff (It started about 4 years ago. I never had it as a child or teen.)
I wash it every 3-5 days

Second, the product:
In my opinion it smells great, because I like the cool, tea tree scent
The tea tree ingredient  makes the scalp a little tingly during application, but not overly so
The scent doesn’t last all day, which I prefer
Be aware that the shampoo does not foam up (I find that I have to use more than the bottle recommends to get a full wash – again, I have a lot of hair)
The amount of product you get per bottle is a bit less than I’d like (8oz.)

Third, time frame and results:
I have now been using the shampoo for about a month and a half
My scalp is still itchy, but less than before using the Tea Tree Oil Shampoo (woohoo!)
I still have some dandruff, but not quite as much (again, woohoo!)
My hair feels nourished and not brittle or dry at all when using the shampoo and conditioner together
I haven’t noticed any unusual breakage or split ends, even with heat styling at least 3 times per week

Check out the photos! For my final thoughts, scroll to the bottom of this post. Drum roll please…

5th day hair. Blow dried & heat styled on the first day, dry shampoo used on the 4th day)
Freshly washed, wet hair. Freshly washed, wet roots.

Wet ends.

Blow dried and flat ironed using only a heat protecting spray. (My natural hair is lighter than my colored hair so it looks like my roots are a bit grey. They’re not, its just my natural blonde color growing out – haha)

Dry ends. No finishing product used.

Fourth and Final, the verdict:
I LOVE this hair product duo (Tea Tree Oil Shampoo & Tea Tree Oil Conditioner)! I don’t love the shampoo on its own, but together they are a killer combo. I was not looking to go all natural in the hair care department, but now that I have been introduced to Maple Holistics products I will keep using them routinely! They are also super affordable and sold on Amazon – I love that quick, front door delivery. 🙂

Thank you to Maple Holistics for the free bottle of Tea Tree Oil Shampoo! Just a heads up you can fill out a form here on their website and get yourself a free Maple Holistics item too!

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo – find it here
Tea Tree Oil Conditioner – find it here

Thank you for checking out my review! Please let me know if you try the products and what you think.