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Since my husband and I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area 2 years ago I have been talking about how great this burger joint called Calibur is. After 2 years we FINALLY made it over there to grab lunch! Disclaimer: This is not your run of the mill burger joint! They make their burgers with “house-ground, 100% organic, grass-fed California beef,” and their “fries are cooked in house rendered organic beef tallow, blended with rice bran oil.” – pulled from the Calibur website. Trust me, you can tell the difference! Their burger patties are the perfect thickness, and when you ask for avocado on the burger they give you AVOCADO. They don’t skimp in any way, shape or form! Even the bun is a step above the rest! The morale of the story is you must go to Calibur if you live in, or ever visit San Francisco. I suggest going all out with a burger, fries and a milkshake – you will not be disappointed. I had the chocolate last time I was there, and on this trip my husband and I shared a vanilla shake. Both are sooo good!

Check out the Calibur website & enjoy! 

Romper – American Eagle – P.S. It’s on sale!

Shoes – Carlos Santana – Old

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