Hello, Hello,

If you know me, or have met me in person you probably know I am very outgoing. What you most likely wouldn’t expect is that I am actually incredibly uncomfortable in a lot of social situations, and I think I tend to talk so much to fill the awkward void of silence. As a blogger you would also probably assume I am very confident in front of the camera, but I really have to psych myself up to pose for blogger-like photos. I feel the most uncomfortable when it comes to posing for photos in public places. When someone looks at me while taking photos I get super nervous. I honestly think the worst that could happen would be someone telling me off for taking photos in a certain location, or mocking me for taking photos to begin with, which really isn’t that bad, but I still get so uncomfortable. I am confident in myself and I love my style, so what I wear and chose to photograph is not the issue. I just think that putting myself out there to take photos makes it seem like I want to be the center of attention, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This is something I have to push myself to do so that I can put out the kind of content I really want to. The photos I love the most of my favorite bloggers, or even just friends and family on vacation, are the photos taken in well-known, picturesque places. Of course, all of those places are often filled with people. I always hear that if you aren’t uncomfortable then you aren’t progressing and growing, so do something that makes you uncomfortable every day. I whole heartedly believe this to be true, but man… it is easier said than done.


To be honest, this was probably the most public place I have ever taken blog photos. I have taken blog photos on Maiden Lane in San Francisco – the most blogger-y photographed spot ever – but even that is technically in an alley. It is so awkward taking photos in front of a restaurant with people inside who are potentially staring at you wondering why you are such a weirdo. That being said, I did it. Maybe I didn’t get the exact shots I wanted, and maybe I am laughing so hard in some of these photos because my go-to move when I am uncomfortable is to laugh, but I did it. I can definitely work on my poses and facial expressions, but this was another step forward in capturing the kinds of photos I want to share here on my blog, and for that I am proud. I am a work in progress and I feel this blog should reflect that.

Thank you so much for reading this post, and all I have to say is if I can take photos in public while grabbing onto an In-N-Out umbrella like a stripper pole (not intended) then so can you. I will most definitely shy away from grabbing umbrellas like stripper poles in the future, but if that is the kind of look you are going for then by all means, grab away. I need to remind myself that the confidence must come from me, and I just need to fucking do it. Like Nike says.