Hello All,

My favorite thing in all clothing design is a cut that accents the back. Low back, strappy back, no back, whatever, I just LOVE a back detail. When I found out Julia Engel from the mega-blog Gal Meets Glam, who I have been following for years, was bringing out a line of dresses I was interested, but unsure if anything would appeal to me. Her style is so girly and she wears florals and ruffles, and all things I usually avoid. I didn’t immediately check out the line because I assumed the price of pieces would be super expensive, but after a couple of weeks I caved. The prices are actually not too bad and the designs are beautiful. They really are. As soon as I saw this dress I wasn’t too impressed… until I saw the back!!! I was hooked, mind made up, grabbed my debit card and purchased immediately. The only thing I had a hard time deciding on was what color to go with. It came in a blue and white stripe, which is more me than pink, buuut I decided to go out of my comfort zone a little bit and went with the blush pink. It’s not a barbie pink and the blush tone complements my coloring, I think, so I am happy with my choice! This dress is perfect for weddings and with a button up white shirt underneath I could totally get away with it for work. Paired with these shiny AF Aldo wedge Oxfords it keeps this outfit a bit more fun and not so fancy.

Dress – Gal Meets Glam Collection “Samantha”

Shoes – ALDO

Thank you so much for reading!