Recipe #10: Braised Sausages with Lentils, Leeks & Fennel

Hello All,

Recipe #10! Wow! Even though we have not made it as far as we would like, we are still totally committed to finishing every recipe in “As the Roman’s Do.”

Here are a few things we’ve realized so far… We try to work each recipe into our bi-weekly meal plan so we are eating the food we make as a meal, not just having a sample and letting the rest go to waste. It has really opened our eyes to new and great veggies and ingredients, but we often have to buy every single ingredient because they aren’t things we cook with regularly. We also have to buy some ingredients in specialty stores because they are not common American ingredients. Both factor into the sometimes hight cost of each recipe, and have resulted in us not making them as frequently as we’d like.

In this recipe we cooked with two new ingredients to us, fennel and lentils. In our very first recipe we used leeks and I have loved them ever since, but neither of us have ever cooked with fennel or lentils. I am happy to say both, more so the lentils, will become staples in our household!

Watch live taste test video here:

I don’t know if any family or friends actually read my blog, but if you do Stephan and I would love to have family or friends do our live taste tests with us! Cooking is best when done with or for friends and family, and we want to cook for you. Let us know if you’d like to join us for an upcoming recipe!

I finally counted how many recipes there are total, and I’ll be continuing the countdown from now on! We just completed recipe 10/115!

Bri & Stephan