Recipe #15: Roman-Style Sambuca + Custom Cocktail Recipe

Hello Everybody,

It has been a while, but right now I am in the middle of a ‘digital detox’ and I am off Facebook and Instagram for a month. My saint-like husband is actually doing it as well, with no encouragement from me. He just decided to do it with me. Gotta love him! My blog however, being a place to write and share my experiences in a completely unique and personal way has not been cut out. Just sharing, scrolling, scrolling and again, mindlessly scrolling everything on social media has.

NOW this 1 Couple 1 Cookbook recipe video is late. Towards the end of the year we moved, which was somewhat spur of the moment, and with the holidays everything just fell on me at once. Now that we have been settled in for a couple of months I am getting around to editing this video together. This is another amazing example of the ‘Neigbs’ (which they will always be lovingly referred to as, even though we are no longer technically neighbors) stealing the show every time they are on 1 Couple 1 Cookbook. I’m totally ok with it. They are the best!

We made a Roman-Style Sambuca from the book and challenged the neighbors to create a cocktail based on the ingredients used. Check out the video, but obviously they killed it and created a delicious, refreshing, but sneakily strong drink. If you’d like to make the cocktail (which I highly suggest) check out the recipe listed below.

4 Shots Gin
3 Shots Roman-Style Sambuca
2 Shots Orange Juice
5-6 Drops Spiced Cherry Bitters

Shake, shake, shake!

Top with La Croix Orange Sparkling Water

Luxardo Maraschino Cherry
Cara Cara Navel Orange Slice
Star Anise (*optional)

Thank you so much for checking out the video of our latest 1 Couple 1 Cookbook video! Please tag me if you make the cocktail for yourself. Seriously, do it! No peer pressure though. πŸ™‚