Recipe #5: Spaghetti Omelette

To be completely honest, I was not quite sure about this recipe when we chose to make this next. I love omelettes and I love pasta, but together I wasn’t so sure. After tasting this concoction I am not sure why I ever second guessed it! Hello, why would we not like it? After all it’s pasta, pancetta and cheese with some egg thrown in there. We made it for dinner tonight and I am looking forward to having left overs for the next few days. 🙂 Pasta for breakfast? Why not? Omelette for dinner? Sure, why not?

P.S. The ceramic pigs are salt and pepper shakers 😉 I LOVE THEM! From Sur La Table. They don’t have them anymore, but they do have some other cute, and decorative S&P shakers! Check out their selection HERE.

The interesting thing about this recipe is once you drain the pasta and let cool for 1 minute, you then pour the egg mixture over the top and coat the noodles. I was worried the eggs would start to scramble once the hit the warm pasta but they didn’t at all.

Then you load a skillet with half of the pasta and egg mixture.

Add the bacon and sage.

Then pour the rest of the pasta over the top.

We were a bit nervous about flipping the omelette, but it worked out just fine. The eggs had set enough after cooking for 10 minutes that it was solid and stayed together. We imagined it going all over the floor, but it flipped perfectly with the help of a cookie sheet.

Top with the fried sage.

Look how pretty!!! It turned out looking almost identical to the picture in the book. Yay us!

Thank you SO VERY MUCH for reading our blog post. Please pick up the book and make this recipe ASAP. So yummy! Then, make the Roman-Style Dough Balls we made last to finish off meal… I’m craving them now!

Live Taste Test:

XOXO, Bri & Stephan

  • Mia Wilson

    Definitely want to try this recipe! Looks yummy!

    • Bri

      It is sooooo good! Looks pretty too. Would be fun to set out at a brunch party!

      As always, thanks for the comment! 🙂 Love you!