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Recipe #6: Roman-Style Chicken with Bell Peppers

The 6th recipe we chose was Roman-Style Chicken with Bell Peppers. The recipe called for pieces of a whole chicken, but to make it easy we used free range chicken legs as our protein ingredient. The thing we found most interesting about this recipe was that it called for so few ingredients, and no spices except salt and pepper, yet it packed a punch of amazing flavor when done.

I have never used black olives in a fully cooked recipe, and to be honest I have only ever eaten them on sandwiches or right off the tips of my fingers as a kid, so I was pleasantly surprised by how well they complemented the bell pepper and tomato.

This simple, yet flavorful and beautiful dish is a forever favorite. Easy to make, but leaves a lasting impression. I would even use the same vegetable mixture and switch out the legs for skinless chicken breast for a healthier option!

Overall we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this recipe and will be remaking it for many years to come!

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XOXO, Bri & Stephan