Shine Bright – It’s a New Year!

It’s 2016! Ok, ok, I know that isn’t much of a surprise to anyone, but I’m happy for the New Year. I’m not much of a resolution setter, because 90% of the time I don’t stick to them, but I do like to set some goals. Out of 5 goals I set for myself last year (2015) I accomplished 3 of them! I’d say that is pretty good for me and I’m happy with what I accomplished. This year I’ll be turning 25 and I think my goals have become more important than before. I’m at the age where I have most of my shit together, but I want more for myself and my husband. I have a “day job” that I love, and isn’t really what one would consider a “day job” because I work all the time, but any hoo! I want to be more stable with things in my life and be able to do the things I want more regularly (i.e. travel, do well at work, buy a new car, go shopping whenever I want!) Overall I want to be more happy and nothing makes me more happy in life that succeeding in things I put my heart and soul into. I am a huge homebody, but I am a bit hyperactive. I never sit still and am most happy when I am doing 3 things at one time. I hope the goals I have set for this year become obtainable things in the near future, and the way I am going to make that happen is by working my ass off!

This sweater my best friend gave me for Christmas that says “SHINE BRIGHT” is going to be one of my mantras for the year. I don’t want to let anything dim my shine this year and I am going to keep pushing myself to succeed!

I hope everyone has a wonderful year! Let’s set our goals high and achieve greatness!

Jeans – Old Navy (Here)

Shoes – Converse (Here)

Sweater – GAP (Gift)