Alright y’all, let’s talk.

Is anyone getting tired of the monotony in fashion blogs? Some “Insta Famous” person or high fashion model wears something like a basket bag and all of a sudden EVERYONE has to have one… it’s basically “I saw Regina George wearing army pants and flip flops, so I bought army pants and flip flops,” coming to life. There are so many gals and guys out there who have impeccable fashion sense, but thats just it, there are so many who rock similar or practically the same clothes. I feel like there is ALWAYS space in the blogosphere for anyone to start a blog (so if you’ve been thinking about it just do it), but when does it start to feel a little bit same-y? I’m not saying that I’m not guilty of it either, because I am literally wearing a pair of gingham pants in this outfit which could not scream “TRENDY” any more, but it really makes me think about things. I used to be so daring with my fashion. I mean I literally wore shorts over my jeans to school a couple of times, and while I have no intentions of bringing that back, I am realizing how boring I’ve become. I find myself getting annoyed when I flick thru Instagram or scroll through a new blog I’ve just discovered to find everyone is featuring florals for Spring (ground breaking), or as mentioned basket bags, or tiny cat-eye sunglasses that have no real function other than making you look kind of ridiculous wearing them down on the tip of your nose, because we all know they don’t block out the sun – wow, rant much? LOL! I guess what I mean to say is I started taking too much inspiration (or strait up copying) Pinterest street style pictures, but have lost a lot of the fun I used to have with experimenting with style.

My point here is I really want to find more people (and hopefully be a person) who are doing something unique, and bringing something new to the table. Maybe it’s in your writing style, maybe it’s in your appearance with tattoos, or blue hair, or a nose ring, or a pixie cut. Or maybe it’s your signature red lip, or your killer flicked liner, or your amazing braids, or maybe your smooth, au natural no makeup glow. I mentioned Megan Ellaby in my last post, and I said her style is not really like my own, but the reason I continue to watch her on YouTube and check back to her blog regularly is because what she wears is so interesting! It doesn’t match and most of the time it clashes, but she self proclaims that she loves a bit of clashing. Think Iris Apfel. She wears so much color sometimes it could sun tan you on a cloudy day, but her outfits are fascinating to look at! Maybe what I am looking for is someone who is unique in their own way, who wears things that they like not just because they are on trend. A couple other bloggers I love and started following because of something unique are Victoria from In The Frow who used to have bright pink and purple hair, or Luanna from who is a grunge goddess with tattoos everywhere and orangey/red hair. For most people their styles may not be “normal,” whatever that means, but they are so damn fun and unique!





















We are all so unique and our blogs should be too. I have officially gotten over the idea that I won’t look professional because of my own visible tattoos. I honestly waited so long to tattoo my arm because I was worried about what my parents would think. (Yes, I am 27 and still want to make my parents proud of me) I just always assumed that I needed to look average or normal to appear professional. I have worked my ass off the past 3 years to get to where I am in my career, and have taken on new challenges and a career path that I never imagined. The opportunities I have had are because of my work ethic and quality of work, not my appearance.

To bring this all back to where it started, from now on I am going to wear what I want, and rock my tattoos proudly because that is who I am and what makes me unique in this blogging world. I am tired of copying what I see in other blogs and on social media and I want to be creative in my own way. I may not look like the next person, or write like the next person or wear the most popular, trendy styles, but I want to be as true to myself as humanly possible and hopefully I will attract those people who want to be unique and totally themselves too. 

If you want to wear all black every day, wear black. If you want to wear high heals and a red lip every day do it. If you want to bleach your hair, go for it! Be you, do you and have fun with your style. It’s your body and your life so have some fun!

Thank you for reading!