SUMMERTIME | My Summer 2017 Must Haves

We get a few sunny days in the 80s and I’m officially in the mood for summer! My husband and I also recently moved into a new place, so all I want to do is entertain and hang out in our backyard. In the spirit of summer I am sharing a few of my favorite beauty, style, entertaining and summer decor must-haves.


NEUTROGENA ULTRA SHEER DRY TOUCH SUNSCREEN – SPF 55 | This stuff rocks! It is super lightweight, quick absorbing and works just fine under makeup – if you want to wear any. Sun protection is a must, especially on the face, so I wear a product with SPF daily.

NEUTROGENA ULTRA SHEER BODY MIST SUNSCREEN – SPF 70 | Tanning is not my goal, ever, since all I do is burn until it eventually turns into a tan. I still tan using 50+ SPF, so I use a high SPF on my body before I spend any time in the sun. I hate lotion so spray SPF is my best friend! Easy application without the sticky finish.

BANANA BOAT DEEP TANNING OIL – SPF 4 | As I said, I don’t lay out or intentionally tan, but I do love that summery Banana Boat smell! I will use a little on my legs on top of the spray SPF to add some moisture and shine when I go to the beach or pool.

JOHN FRIEDA BEACH BLONDE SEA WAVES SEA SALT SPRAY | I honestly like this sea salt spray because of the smell. Much like the Banana Boat Tanning Oil it just smells like summer with hints of coconut. It does create a pretty crunchy finish so if you like smooth, flowy locks this might not be for you. I have naturally wavy hair, so this helps to give my hair that “just took a dip in the ocean” finish.


HIGH-WAIST BIKINI | I have been contemplating trying a high-waist swimsuit for years. I love the look of them, and think they can be sexy, but I honestly didn’t think they would fit me right. I carry most of my weight in my stomach and I always assumed the high waist-style would feature an area I don’t love, but I was totally wrong! I tried these bottoms on a whim at Old Navy a couple of weeks ago and totally loved the way they fit. Here come the retro summer vibes!

STRIPED, BUTTON-UP DRESS | Blue and white stripes are that classic summer pattern, and the side slits on this dress make it perfect for those hot days. This dress may be collared and somewhat structured, but it is perfect for the beach or backyard party!

FLOPPY HAT | A classic floppy hat is a must for sun protection! This one is cute to boot with the stitched “hello sunshine” text along the brim. Hello sunshine, goodbye sun damage!


PINEAPPLE PLACEMATS | These placemats have all of the summer flare, but are a little more grown up. Pineapples are a common shape used in summer decor, but often times appear in traditional yellow and green, ranging from realistic to playful. These placemats go well with my existing decor, but also look great outside setting the scene for a summery back yard meal. 

SUCCULENT CITRONELLA CANDLES | These little guys are actually citronella candles! They look like succulent plants, add a perfect pop of green to any table scape, but actually serve a purpose. I got these at Orchard Supply. 

GIANT PINEAPPLE POOL FLOAT | Keeping with the pineapple theme, this huge pool float is great for a pool party (obviously), or as a fun prop at a backyard get-together.


SUGAR COOKIE FRUIT TART | In my humble opinion a fruit tart is the best summer sweet. Fresh fruit by itself is amazing, but topping a sugar cookie base with a sweet, cream cheese frosting and then layering on your favorite fruit just takes it to the next level. You can keep it refrigerated so the fruit and frosting stays cool and refreshing, but pull it out a few minutes before serving so the cookie can soften a bit. My recipe: Cookie Crust Fruit Tart with Lemon Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Filling

Thank you SO much for reading my blog post! Hope you come back again! 

XOXO, Bri!

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