Hello All,

Today is Thanksgiving and as I sit here on the couch with my dad next me, my dogs at my feet and my husband and mom upstairs getting ready for the day I have to take a moment to reflect. I don’t just do this once a year, but as today is the big day to say what you are thankful for, here are some of the many things I am thankful for this year… no filter, no editing, just photos, mostly shot with an iPhone.

The rain, and breathing in fresh air after weeks of smoke. This photo is from this morning with no editing. I am so thankful to still have a home when many don’t due to the terrible fires here in California.

My Jeep Renegade. After 9 years of driving my ’98 Jeep Wrangler (which I still own and love) every day I finally got a new car in November of last year. This has been the most comfortable year of driving having AC in the summer and seat warmers in the winter. It’s the little things!

My ring. In April the diamond out of my solitaire heart-shaped ring disappeared. I was staging a house for several days and on the last day of staging I laid on the floor to plug in a lamp behind a bed and noticed the stone was gone when I pulled my hand back. I was shocked. Stunned. In complete disbelief. I waited months assuming a lost stone was not covered under my warranty. To my complete surprise it was. It is superficial, yes, but I loved it, wore it every day and my husband and I worked hard to buy it.

My new computer glasses. I have never needed glasses and have a very minimal prescription, but working hours and hours on a computer editing for work, I noticed my eyes were always struggling, and I was getting head aches constantly. I finally went to an eye doctor and got some glasses just meant for computer use. I have had them a couple of days and they seriously help!

My completely unplanned, short-notice trip to Northern Washington. I went up there to take some photos of a property to help my grandma. It meant that I flew into Spokane, rented a car, drove to Oroville, WA and stayed the night. Woke up the next day, took photos of the property, drove to the Canadian border to say I did (forgot my passport so I couldn’t enter), then drove back to Spokane, stayed the night and flew home the next day. It was a whirlwind trip, but I now know the beauty of northern Washington. I can’t wait to go back!

My opportunity to go bleach blond, then silver-haired! Since I live so close to my home town I had the opportunity to have my childhood hairstylist make me bleach blond without murdering my hair. She has been a hair stylist for 20 years, and has even taught at a beauty school. I trust her more than anyone with my hair. After being blond for months I got a wild hair – pun intended – and told her I wanted to try out silver! It is so fun and I’m LOVING it!

My Sister-in-Law, basically just my sister, got to come to California! My husband and I got to play tour guide and took her to some of the San Francisco hot spots. It was incredible all around.

My matching tattoo with my Sister-in-Law, also a new addition we got on her trip to California! There is a deep meaning, much like the deep connection I have with her. Love you, Ashley!

The opportunity to see and meet The Score and Devin Dawson!

The surprise birthday I planned for Stephan which included a helicopter ride over the city and San Francisco Bay. We even go to fly UNDER the Golden Gate Bridge! So cool!

Our “All Friends with Birthdays in January” trip to Lake Tahoe in January. We got to go clubbing in South Lake, had some amazing food, and got to go sledding on a gorgeous, sunny day in the mountains.

And, the last thing for this post, but definitely not the last amazing memory I am thankful for this year was my opportunity to start my own business, Studio Ax2. I have poured my heart and soul into it and hope to continue to be successful!

Most of all, I am thankful for my health, my home and my family.

What are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!