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For years, and I mean over 6 years, I have wanted to have a consistent blog. I have started blogs, deleted blogs, started again, deleted posts, and so on… I am finally in the place where I know what I want to write about and feature, and for the most part the direction I want my blog to go. Due to the fact that I have a lot of interests I have found it hard to streamline what I want to feature in a way that people can follow. My mind is all over the place and I will go from talking about cars, and my love for my ’98 Jeep Wrangler, to being totally girly and talking about the latest eyeshadow pallet without skipping a beat. My husband and my parents constantly point out the fact that I am like the dog in “Up” … Squirrel… and I will go off in a totally different direction of conversation out of nowhere, and usually, eventually, circle back to what I was talking about.

Now that I am serious about blogging, and I’ve got my foundation (a blog name I love, a format I’m good with for now, social media outlets selected and branded) I have been trying to find ways to turn my love for blogging into a side job. I have seriously loved diving into the world of blogging and finding people who, though they may not be like me, or have the same style as me, are honest. Instagram is my favorite social platform, but is so… well, fake in a lot of ways. You never know who on Instagram is real, is being real with you, or is just there to get followers and likes. I have had a hard time wading through all the bull shit, but I have thankfully found bloggers I totally respect and appreciate their openness about certain blogger struggles and topics.
Here are three posts by three different bloggers I have found so valuable in my quest to grow my blog, create a brand, and stay true to who I am along the way.
  1. Blondes and BagelsMake Money on Social Fabric – This post explains in detail how to apply for and book campaigns, which is a big part of how bloggers make money.
  2. Sassy Red LipstickExposing Blogger Politics and Promoting Togetherness – This post brings to light a lot of blogger issues, social media bs, and things I didn’t even know happened behind the scenes when I started blogging. I totally appreciate her openness and mind set that there is room for everyone in the blogging world. It is incredibly inspirational, and I couldn’t agree more!
  3. In the FrowLooking After Our Brands – As a newby blogger, the level of success that Victoria from In the Frow has is lightyears away from where I am, but I found so much value in this post. When you are new, and nobody knows you in the blogger world it is important not to accept just any paid work that comes your way. By staying true to yourself and your vision for your blog, your future and your brand will have so much more value and respect. We are all human, but you’ve got to think about where you want your blog and blogging career to go in the future. Think before you post, carefully curate your content, and be you!

If anyone has other honest and open blogger posts they have enjoyed, please let me know! I am all about learning more, hearing the truth, and bettering myself as a blogger.
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